Bavaria International Exhibitions and Conferences


  • Bavaria International for Exhibitions and Conferences was established in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates and has branches in Africa (Egypt), Europe (Germany, Belgium).
  • Now Bavaria International is one of the leading companies in its field in the Arab world, we are leaders in the exhibition & Conference business in the Arab world . We are also heading the Arab Union for real estate exhibitions & conferences and the real estate development committee.
  • United Arab Emirates was chosen as headquarters for the company because it provides the necessary environment for continuous development and the best chances for success. It also provides the access to the extensive support extended by the government, for with we are so deeply grateful , and we all know , how important is the exhibition industry for the economic development of the country .


1.    Preparing and organizing specialized exhibitions and conferences locally and internationally.
2.    Preparing and organizing festivals locally and internationally.
3.    Preparing media and promotional plans and studies.
4.    Providing training and consultations.
5.    Providing exhibition and conferences services.


  • The Company is managed by professionals in the field of the Exhibition & Conferences, who enjoy scientific and excellent experiences that play an effective role in achieving our Target.
  • Since Bavaria has a strong belief in Team Work, we have a strong team which we give them various training & courses.

International Organization

We are also members in the following organizations:

  • Arabian Union for International Exhibitions and Conferences.
  • Arabian Union for property development.
  • Member in UAE Financial Markets.
  • The Egyptian Chamber of Commerce and industry.
  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and industry.
  • The Bayerisch Arabische Gesellsechart.
  • Bavaria Branches
  • Bavaria has branches in
  • Asia (UAE).
  • Africa (Egypt).
  • Europe.

    Bavaria has a sister company in Europe (Belgium) it’s called “Euro Trading International”.

                      The world gets smaller with us….




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